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discover your roots
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Georgia travels to a festival in the Ozarks where she is teaching a cooking class. 


We follow her as she prepares and gathers her ingredients — we meet a small town chicken farmer, gather produce at the local farmers market, and set the table at a local textile studio where Georgia learns to dye napkins. 


  • Fayetteville Roots Festival

  • Hillfolk Textile Studio

  • Across the Creek Farm

  • Bentonville, Arkansas

  • Fayetteville, Arkansas

  • Fayetteville Farmers Market

RECIPES & How Tos:

Image by Hayley Ryczek

how to quarter a chicken

Food blog

Buy the season one DIGITAL recipe booklet

Indian Chicken Curry

chicken tagine recipe

A Fun Fact From Behind the Scenes: 


The blue vintage truck in this show was loaned to me by a lovely couple in Arkansas that had heard we were filming and offered up their truck to add some extra whimsy to the episode. We drove to a country road and the crew hung out the back of a car in front of me and behind me to get the perfect driving shots while the couple hung out and watched in the grass on the side of the road. My dream is to have a vintage car in every episode! 



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