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The lakota nation


Georgia travels to South Dakota to spend time with the Lakota People and learn about their 7Gen plan to make their community holistically well. 


We learn about their Food Sovereignty Initiative in their geodome, the reintroduction of the buffalo, and the immersion school that teaches the Lakota language to their children. 

At the final meal, Georgia learns to make buffalo street tacos, along with Lakota mealtime traditions.


  • The Lakota People

  • Siċaŋġu Food Sovereignty Initiative

  • Wolak̇ota Buffalo Range

  • Wak̇aŋyeja Ki Ṫokeyaḣc̄i (Lakota immersion school)

  • Buffalo Street Tacos

Show Recipes:

Fresh Homemade Pasta

Season one
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Parmesan Cheese

one + Two 

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Fun Facts From Behind the Scenes: 

Georgia first heard Matte Wilson speak at SXSW in Austin, Texas and was moved by the story of the Food Sovereignty Initiative. When she had the opportunity to tell the story she reached out and the Lakota community welcomed her and helped create an itinerary that would allow us to capture all of the content in a short time. The most challenging part was finding the buffalo, they had migrated to the farthest field possible, which was a 3 hour ATV ride! The ranch managers had never taken visitors that far afield, but we were grateful they did it for us. On the way back, one of the ATV's broke down, so we somehow managed to fit 4 people and all the camera gear into one ATV to get back!

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