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copper and chocolate


Georgia visits Jonathan Beall, owner of Sertodo Copper, who partners with master copper artisans to bring beautiful copperware to the U.S. Georgia visits his workshop to learn about the art of hand hammered copper, and all of the ways it can be used in the kitchen and home.


Georgia then visits an artisan chocolatier, Nicole Patel, and learns recipes for making truffles at home.


Georgia takes us back to the kitchen to create some delicious drinks and recipes using all that she has learned.


  • Sertodo Copper, use code ModernPioneering10, for 10% off on all of Sertodo Copper goods

  • Delysia Chocolatier

  • Mexican Hot Chocolate

  • Chocolate Adobo Sauce

  • Pork Chops with Sage and Apples

  • Mexican Chocolate Milkshake

  • Handrolled Chocolate Truffles

Show Recipes:

Fresh Homemade Pasta

Season one
Recipe Booklet

Food blog

 season two 
recipe booklet

Parmesan Cheese

one + Two 

Recipe Booklet

Fun Facts From Behind the Scenes: 

The Mexican chocolate that Jonathan and Georgia made in the episode was supposed to have sugar in it, but they forgot to add the sugar and it ended up being the perfect segueway into the savory chocolate recipe in Georgia's kitchen. 

Georgia's daughter June, actually requested an apple from the fruit bowl instead of the chocolate milkshake, and only took a couple of sips for the cameras!

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