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entertaining at home
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Georgia hosts a dinner party at her home in Austin, Texas, focusing on ingredients that are as locally sourced and homemade as possible.


Pulling produce from her own garden, she turns it into pickled vegetables, tomato bread salad, a lemon balm cocktail and more!


Georgia even decorates the dinner table entirely with items she has found in nature, showing the audience they can add all kinds of whimsy without spending a dollar.


  • Knife Maker Lin Rhea

  • Pickled Vegetables

  • Tomato Bread 'Panzanella' Salad

  • Lemon Balm Cocktail

  • Setting a Nature Inspired Table

  • DIY Deer Antler Candle Holder

  • Homemade Butter

  • Indian Spiced Venison Stew

RECIPES & How Tos:

Image by Rik Hopkinson


DIY antler candle holder

Food blog

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Image by Sorin Gheorghita

homemade butter

A Fun Fact From Behind the Scenes: 


There was a heated debate about whether the Indian spiced venison stew recipe in this episode had too many ingredients, but I insisted that the audience could handle it and would benefit in the end because it is oh-so-delicious. There were a lot of spices and amounts to memorize so I could convey it correctly but it worked out, and in the end the crew gobbled it up they loved it so much. I think you will too, especially because the recipe works with so many meats.


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