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flowers, tea and Chi


Georgia visits a distinctive florist in Austin, Texas, Antonio Bond, whose sculptural approach to flower arranging is unlike any other. He teaches her his approach and technique and ways the audience can create pieces that start a conversation and tell a story in their own homes.


Georgia then stops off at a tea house, West China Tea, to learn about the ancient and resurgent art of drinking tea from an expert, So-Han Fan, who creates community and "third spaces" through his work and tea classes.


Georgia takes us back to the kitchen to make a delicious meal and integrate what she’s learned.  


  • Transplantation Floral

  • Reflexing a flower

  • West China Tea, use code MPTEA for 15% off on the website or in-store.

  • Farm Direct Tea

  • Tea Eggs

  • Dessert Sandwiches

  • Vegetables on a Fence

Show Recipes:

Fresh Homemade Pasta

Season one
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Food blog

 season two 
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Parmesan Cheese

one + Two 

Recipe Booklet

Fun Facts From Behind the Scenes: 

We filmed this episode on what was the coldest day of the year in Austin, TX, and Antonio's studio only had a space heater! He was kind and thoughtful and put it on the night before so we could film early the following morning and stay on track. 

So-Han Fan was someone Georgia's family had been following for a long time and suggested that Georgia look into his work as a possible topic for the show. It soon became clear that he was such a wealth of knowlege and his passion for tea personified the spirit of the show.

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