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from earth to art


Georgia brings the audience into the kitchen with her to share delicious garden to table recipes.


Along the way she pays a visit to an artisan beeswax candle maker Jenifer Green, owner of Green Tree Home, who teaches her the art of candle making.


Georgia then goes to sit at the pottery wheel with a gifted ceramicist, Nonna Hall, to create candle holders and elements for a table setting. 


Show Recipes:

Fresh Homemade Pasta

Season one
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 season two 
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Parmesan Cheese

one + Two 

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Fun Facts From Behind the Scenes: 

Greentree Home candles are what is lit in the Bovina Farm & Fermentory episode, so Georgia got to experience them before meeting their makers in person. The women of Greentree were incredibly inviting, and welcomed our crew with the most delicious pumpkin bread in what was their busiest season of the year. 

Nonna Hall was someone Georgia had admired from afar for quite some time, so getting to sit and learn from her was especially exciting. Georgia had purchased her pieces through the Farmhouse Project brand that she creates for, so getting to meet the maker of pieces she'd enjoyed for some time was particularly special.

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