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Into the garden
Modern Pioneering Episode 102 - Into the


Georgia brings us into her garden and teaches us about small space gardening, container gardening, and how to make the most of the land around you, no matter your constraints.


Along the way she talks with community leaders on what it takes to compost and start a community garden.


Georgia also takes us back to her kitchen to share some of her favorite garden recipes.


  • Patterson Park Community Garden

  • How to Start a Community Garden with Joel 

  • Composting with Julia Bond

  • Pressed Flower Cookies

  • Tips for Container Gardening

  • Herb Infused Syrups and Vinegars

  • How to Clean Really Dirty Hands

  • Tips for Preserving Herbs

RECIPES & How Tos:


how to preserve herbs

Food blog

Buy the season one DIGITAL recipe booklet

Black Soil

homemade container soil

A Fun Fact From Behind the Scenes: 


The carrots I harvested in this show were from planting I had done in January! Thank you Austin weather. It was an exercise in extreme patience to wait until our filming date in May to harvest them, and since I only got one real shot at pulling them out of the ground, the first time you see them is the first time I got to see them. And it was worth the wait, they were just as I'd imagined.



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