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Season 1 Digital Recipe Booklet

Season 1 Digital Recipe Booklet

Enjoy the recipes featured in Season 1 of Modern Pioneering as your very own digital recipe booklet. We've even added a couple of the DIY projects. You can print it out or download it to your digital device so that you can cook up what inspired you on the show. This beautifully designed booklet is comprised of 32 pages and 18 recipes/projects.


- Lemon Balm Cocktail

- Universal Pickling Liquid

- Panzanella Salad

- Homemade Butter

- Indian Spiced Venison Stew

- Rosemary Syrup

- Chive Blossom Vinegar

- Flower Studded Ice Cubes

- Pressed Flower Cookies

- Honeysuckle Iced Tea

- Homemade Fresh Pasta

- Dandelion Salad

- Venison Meatballs

- Zobo Cocktail

- Two Ingredient Biscuits

- Shrimp Paella


DIY Projects

- Oyster Shell Place Cards

- Shed Antler Candle Holders

  • Tech Specs

    File format is PDF.  Single use license, non-transferrable.

    Final Sale.

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