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bovina farm & fermentory


Georgia visits Jake and Elizabeth at their magical homestead, restaurant and farm in Bovina, New York. They take her through a day in their life in preparation for one of their storied community dinners that draws people from near and far.

From hunting in the woods, to cooking, foraging and setting the table, they inspire viewers to roll up their sleeves in their own lives and make their own visions come to life. 


  • Bovina Farm & Fermentory

  • Brewing Beer

  • Hunting for Venison

  • Venison Chops with Dijon and Herbs

  • Roasted Pears with Butter

  • Inspiration for Setting the Table

  • Community Dinners

Show Recipes:

Fresh Homemade Pasta

Season one
Recipe Booklet

Food blog

 season two 
recipe booklet

Parmesan Cheese

one + Two 

Recipe Booklet

Fun Facts From Behind the Scenes: 

Georgia had admired Elizabeth and Jake's work from afar, and has a house down the road from them. When she had the opportunity to film for the next season of the show, they were among the first to come to mind as examples of what modern pioneering is all about. When Georgia went to scout for the episode and saw their home, she soon realized that what they had created was so dynamic, that it was more than just a segment for the show, it was its own episode. 

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