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artisans of charleston
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Georgia is in Charleston, South Carolina where she is preparing a dinner to celebrate the artisans she learns from.


She invites a legendary queen of Southern cooking to come by and teach her the secret to her two ingredient biscuits, learns a Nigerian inspired cocktail from a local sommelier, and heads out on the water to harvest oysters.


Georgia also shares her tips for setting a southern outdoor table.


  • Lowcountry Oyster Company

  • Graft Wine Shop and Bar

  • Sommelier Femi Oyediran

  • Southern Cook Nathalie Dupree

  • Two Ingredient Biscuits

  • Zobo Cocktail

  • Setting a Southern Table

  • Charleston, South Carolina

RECIPES & How Tos:



practical tips for buying wine

Food blog

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wild turkey and oyster stew

A Fun Fact From Behind the Scenes: 


The final dinner scene in this episode was filmed at a venue with a varied and complex history. While most of the buildings on the grounds are uninhabited, the nature and wildlife made it a beautiful backdrop for an outdoor dinner. There were more live oaks and Spanish moss in one place than I have ever seen. This was the final episode that we filmed of the series and this dinner was our final shot. It was a nice way to wrap the show, which we had put so much work, sweat, late nights and long days into.


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