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traditions in tuscany
Episode 8 - Traditions in Tuscany.PNG


Georgia visits Tuscany to get back to her own roots, and learn about the generations of families who are carrying on their family's traditions, some for centuries.


She goes truffle hunting, learns to make fresh pasta, how to taste wine, and samples the incredible cheeses from the sheep grazing in front of her - experiencing the true value in living off the land.


  • Tenuto Torciano

  • Corzano e Paterno

  • Homemade Pasta

  • Truffle Hunting

  • Cheese Making

  • How to Properly Taste Wine

  • Tuscany, Italy

RECIPES & How Tos:

Fresh Homemade Pasta


how to make pasta

Food blog

Buy the season one DIGITAL recipe booklet

Parmesan Cheese

homemade cheese

A Fun Fact From Behind the Scenes: 


This was the first episode we filmed for the season and it was with an entirely Italian crew. This meant we had quite the language barrier but we had so much fun making it happen together. This is the only episode that was filmed on the RED camera, can you tell the difference? It has a slightly more cinematic quality.


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