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4.  HUNT #2.00_00_42_07.Still003.png


Women from around the country convene in west Texas for a transformative experience in the wild.


During the episode, Georgia teaches viewers about the different cuts of venison and the ways to cook them, as well as how to save money by grinding your own meat.


The guests and viewers will leave feeling empowered and with a different perspective on what it is to be a human and an omnivore.


  • How to Grind Your Own Meat

  • Homemade Venison Meatballs

  • How to Cook the Different Cuts of Meat

  • Homemade Survival Kit in An Altoids Tin

  • How to Clean Water in the Wild

  • Cowboy Coffee

RECIPES & How Tos:

Image by Jez Timms


how to grind meat at home

Food blog

Buy the season one DIGITAL recipe booklet

Image by Jason Leung

italian style venison meatballs

A Fun Fact From Behind the Scenes: 


This episode was definitely pushing the limit for what we could show on public television, it was a dance between showing an authentic field-to-table experience and being tasteful. One of the rights of passage for someone's first hunt is to put the blood on their cheeks, which I had done to Lauren. Our editor ended up having to remove it in post and rebuild her cheeks, it was a real test of his incredible talent. If you look closely, you may be able to see.



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