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into the wild
Modern Pioneering Episode 104 - Into the


Join Georgia on an urban foraging expedition and learn from an edible and medicinal plants expert as he and Georgia collect a variety of items during a walk through the neighborhood.


From flower studded ice cubes, to honeysuckle tea, to dandelion green salad, Georgia is making the most of what is around her.


  • Foraging In Your Neighborhood

  • Dandelion Green Salad

  • Honeysuckle Iced Tea

  • Flower, Herb and Berry Studded Ice Cubes

  • Wild Flower Arranging

  • How to Make Seed Bombs

RECIPES & How Tos:

Image by Neslihan Gunaydin



seed bombs

Food blog

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Image by Walter Sturn

dandelion green salad

A Fun Fact From Behind the Scenes: 


I decided to make honeysuckle tea for this episode after posting a short video on my Instagram earlier in the season and seeing how enthusiastically people responded. The problem was that by the time we filmed, honeysuckle was much harder to come by. Luckily Eric Knight, who we featured on the show, told me where I could hike to find some, including the red Mexican honeysuckle we featured. It was not an easy task finding it but I'm sure glad we did!



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